Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nightswimming & Yellow Brick Roads

Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia
Canon EOS 50D, 24-70mm f/2.8L @70mm, 1 sec, f/3.5, ISO100

Last night I went down to the beach. The moon was hidden from view but the tide was flooded all the way in, so the contours of the beach in the glow of the street lights were different and unfamiliar, drowned in water and yellow light.

I took off my skirt and waded in. The water was cold. A surprising contrast from the ambient temperature. I stood for a long time with the water around my waist, feeling my legs tingle and start to get numb. I looked up at the night sky... dappled by a few wispy clouds. For the first time I noticed that the light from the boardwalk casts a path of yellow reflection in the water and shines directly out to the ocean... a yellow brick road, shimmering, out to sea. Like Dorothy, I felt the urge to follow it.

I finally got up my nerve and plunged in. I felt the skin of my upper arms contract into goosebumps, and I gasped with the coldness. I turned onto my back and ducked my head under, scalp prickling with the salty chill of the water.

Despite the fact that there was no moon it was too bright for very many stars, but I could see The Southern Cross and the Three Sisters. I rolled back over and paddled forward, nose just above the surface, out beyond the swell.

I forgot that the ocean smells different when you're swimming in it. It's a good smell. I stroked around for a little while, tingling with cold the whole time then floated on my back, lulled by the gentle rocking of the ocean. It felt soothing.

I closed my eyes.

... and I thought...

Few people want to know the truth or seek it out, no matter what they say. In fact, many people actively deny the truth until they are forced to deal with it.
We rarely see the world as it really is. Our perception is biased, our memories betray us, and our true motives often remain hidden... even from ourselves.
For better or worse, we constantly convince ourselves of things that are not true. We kid ourselves about the most basic things in life: Love; who we are; what is going on around us.
Most of the time we lie to ourselves in order to maintain a sense of control. After all, no one likes feeling vulnerable or helpless.
All of us experience the world through various filters - most of which are designed to make life more bearable.

Self deception. It's a bitch.

Eventually I swam back to shore, picked up my towel and watched a few fishermen casting lines off the groin. I wonder what they will catch. Who is waiting for them back home... if anyone. What are their lives like? Are they happy?

Music and laughter drifted across the road from the Cottesloe Beer Garden.

Life goes on...

I made my way across the still warm sand. The feeling was pleasant. I got into my car and headed for home and an unknown future. In the rear-view mirror I watched the beach, and the yellow brick road, disappear from view.

... not tonight Dorothy. The road to Oz will have to wait for another time.


  1. Very introspective. Not everything one doesn't understand is a lie, though.

  2. Thanks for the last post at Multiply. At least, I got to know where you are now.
    I'll subscribe, to keep up with you!

  3. @Ajax of Salamis

    I have a lousy sense of direction. No wonder I feel lost most of the time. :P

  4. Thanks to all of your for coming to visit.

    It certainly isn't Multiply, and will take some getting used to, but with your friendly faces it's starting to feel more welcoming.

    Cheers guys.

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  6. Smooth move and thanks for leaving the trail of bread crumbs to follow.:)

    Peace & Props,

  7. I'm having a bit of a time getting used to this site. At present, I'm still having to import from Multiply to post videos.

  8. You have nice salmon-coloured sunsets to go skinny-dipping in.

  9. @Cal-el

    You and me both Cal.

    This is taking some time to work out and I hate that it's just not streamlined.

    Even a simple matter such as posting a comment is a fucking nightmare.

  10. @Face

    Yeah... more of a breadcrumb trail than some people leave!

    But I'm glad to see you here. You know that!

  11. @AB

    Sunsets over the Indian ocean can be truly spectacular. Pity "skinny dipping" is still illegal in this country. *grin*

  12. @ Maryam

    I'm so happy not to have lost contact with you and hope to see more of you here.
    Your comments and perspective have always been something I looked forward to reading... and sharing.