Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Australian Left: Thine Name is Hypocrisy!

Now... I'll admit to being a card-carrying socialist. I believe that social democracy is still the best option out of a list of highly flawed political ideologies. But I'll have nothing to do with the pseudo-progressive, whiny, hypocritical, urban, latte drinking "lefties" of this country ever again... thankyoufuckingverymuch!!

Point in case:

Eight years ago, when the last United States president stepped up to address 226 Australian politicians jammed into the Reps chamber like kids at a Wiggles gig, he was barely two minutes into the speech when the heckling started.

Greens senators Bob Brown and Kerry Nettle jumped to their feet, wattle-sprigs aquiver with indignation, in protest at the invasion of Iraq... and all the latte drinking lefties (including yours truly) applauded.

But that was then... and THAT president was a man the left loved to hate, George Bush.

Don't get me wrong. I loath Bush and always have. But I also loath O'bomber... and therein lies the rub.

The stench of hypocrisy emanating from the left during O'bomber's recent visit to these antipodean shores was palpable.

"The One", as he's been dubbed by the Australian media, could probably invade Tasmania and no-one would mind. And the speech he gave in Parliament would have been received entirely differently, had it been delivered by the 43rd president of the United States, rather than the 44th.

Everything, from the opening salutation (in which the Big O mispronounced the PM's name) to the muscular expression of intent vis a vis the Asia-Pacific region in general, would have been construed differently by the "lefties".

Can you imagine Dubya, mispronouncing our Prime Minister's name as he used our Parliament to disclose his expansionist intentions in our region? Ignorant fool.
Dubya, breezily declaring himself done with conflict in the Middle East, and proposing instead to shift his tanks to our backyard? Warmongering bastard.

Dubya, snake-charming our PM into flogging nukes to India? Manipulative, interfering arsehole.

But when Bob Brown listened to Obomber's speech there were no such words... and no heckling from the supposed "left". Nay... they all lined up for a handshake with The One and a chance to kiss his presidential arse.

Brown went on to tweet: "I asked President Obama to support world heritage listing for Antarctica," "He said he'd look into it, and added to us Greens senators to 'keep up the good work'."

Holy sycophantic shit!!!

This is why politics is intriguing; sometimes, the identity of the orator is every bit as influential as the substance of what is actually said.

... and the substance of the "lefties" in this country has proved to be a pile of steaming, hypocritical, caca.


  1. Mila, the problem, as you so accurately pointed out, is the messenger, not the message.

    When I stated several months ago that Obama would not be getting my vote the second time around, because he was a sellout and simply incapable of delivering genuine change, because he was also bought-and-paid-for, you should have SEEN the commentary from my usually-rational comrades.

    "You can't vote for anyone else! Obama needs that second term!"

    "To do what - host another Super Bowl party after his inauguration?"

    "But - look at the alternative!"

    "You mean, 'alternatives' - and there will be many. The Greens Party and the Socialist Party will both run someone. We'll have plenty of choices to make!"

    "But you're throwing your vote away!"

    (This is where the conversation ended. I can't explain basic civics - and the fact that my vote counts if I cast it for - not against someone - no matter if they win or lose.)

    I have an idea that the Reps will still nominate Romney, no matter that Gingrich is now the front-runner; the Newter-man doesn't have the sanity to attract the large number of Republicrats to his camp; eventually the Reps will have to nominate someone who's just as boring and just as 'bought' as Obama.

    Two sides; the same coin.

    Is the guest room still open? I clean as well as cook....


  2. Sure, the guest room is always available to you. However, I've been thinking about relocating.

    If the USA drags this country into a show-down with China... which just happens to be our major trading partner and the reason Australia managed to avoid the global financial shit-storm... I'm getting the hell outta Dodge.

    Iceland is starting to look damn good. *goes shopping for some thermal underwear*

  3. Maybe the one who should run the country is the one who doesn't want to...

    1. Phil!! How are you matey??!! Still stuck in the fourth circle of Dante's Inferno? (I jest. Well. Kinda. *wink*)

      As to your comment, I'm not sure a reluctant leader would be any better than the career politicians who seem to be monopolising major parties these days.

      Personally I'd go with someone with vision and the courage to put the people before vested interests, including their own. Unfortunately, those kinds of men and women don't stand a chance in the current system. All we can realistically hope for is a leader who won't fuck things up TOO much.

      Sad what democracy has come to... isn't it?

    2. Hey hey long time! Greetings from Berlino

  4. Our latte drinking lefties are just as deplorable. They are too blind to see that O'bomber says one thing then does the opposite. It appears that the only difference between him and the Republicans is that he gives lip service to things that he has no intention of doing. If I can't find someone I feel will do a good job... or at least really try to... I won't vote. I no longer see any point to voting if the candidates are unworthy. That old story of if you don't vote, you don't have a right to complain doesn't fly. Why should I vote if no eligible candidate is worthy of my vote?